Membership Info

Membership in the AFPDA is open to all companies and organizations that serve the firewood industry including, but not limited to:

–  marketing plan writing

-- Firewood Manufacturers
–  Firewood Producers
–  Firewood Distributors
–  Retailers
– Logistics Companies
–  Firewood Processing Equipment Manufacturers and Suppliers
– Manufacturers and Suppliers of Consumer Related Firewood Products
–  Government Agencies
–  Other Individuals and Organizations with a Related Interest

The benefits of membership include being part of a unified voice that sets the standard for the production and management of firewood in the United States.  The AFPDA helps its members navigate the increasingly complex, restrictive and conflicting regulations that has been placed on firewood recently as a result of the increasing number of wood-borne pests, including various insects and molds. The AFPDA has also developed a certification program that requires firewood treatments that exceed state and federal regulations, which helps ensure that AFPDA Certified Firewood is pest-free and openly accepted by retailers and consumers throughout the United States.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the AFPDA please review and complete the application. You can download the AFPDA Membership Application here.