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The American Firewood Producers and Distributors Association (AFPDA) was developed to create a national standard and certification program for the production and manufac-turing of firewood. The number of wood-borne pests has been steadily increasing, and often, these pests are trans-ported hundreds and thousands of miles from their origin aboard firewood bundles that are shipped to distribution centers and retailers. The federal government, in conjunction with many states have instituted a series of quarantines that restrict the importation of firewood. You can find a lot of information about the logistics of firewood, usually, they are transported by rail or road. You can buy college research paper at https://elitewritings.com/college-research-paper.html about the logistics process

The AFPDA has developed a Firewood Certification Program that helps manufacturers, producers, distributors, retailers and consumers easily identify the origin of a bundle of firewood as well as how it was treated to eradicate any pests that may have existed in the firewood itself.
This Certification Program is a volunteer program that allows firewood producers to follow a production and labeling standard to show that they are meeting or exceeding certain production standards that are proven to eliminate wood-borne pests. By following these standards, retailers, consumers and government agencies can be confident that the wood that carries the AFPDA Certification Badge is free of wood-borne pests.

We care about healthy forests, clean, pest-free firewood, and maintaining the natural and planned beauty that exists in our rural and urban landscapes. As a result we have developed the following mission, vision and ethical standards by which we, and our members commit.


It is the mission of the American Firewood Producers and Distributors Association to be the single most trusted resource for information and standards regarding the production, transportation, sale and use of firewood throughout the United States ensuring that end users receive the cleanest and safest firewood possible.


The American Firewood Producers and Distributors Association aspires to excel as a valuable, effective and influential organization regarding firewood safety, serving as:
• A united voice for the firewood industry
• The major catalyst for the dissemination of information regarding firewood production and distribution
• The primary resource for all firewood producers, distributors and retailers
• The premier innovator in the insurance of safety regarding firewood production and distribution
• The leading advocate for knowledge and practice informing state and federal policy makers and the public in an effort to improve public policy regarding firewood production and distribution


The American Firewood Producers and Distributors Association commits to its vision through a mission based upon the following values:
• Continual pursuit of excellence
• Sharing knowledge and its application in the firewood industry
• Outstanding service to its members and to society-at-large
• Ethical action in all that we do
• Environmental sensitivity
• Social justice, diversity, and inclusion
• Establishing a collaborative environment that includes our members as well as state, local and federal regulatory agencies


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