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Buying Firewood

Kiln dried and heat treated firewood eliminates wood-borne pests, molds and mildews, and other infestations that can otherwise move from one area of the country to another through the transportation of firewood. This has become a serious concern for many states who have restricted the importation of firewood as a measure to protect their forests urban areas. Also, in some countries, there is a problem with deforestation, so they are looking for alternative ways. You can order term papers online on the problem of deforestation in the world.

As a consumer you can do you part to help keep wood-borne pests, as well as molds and mildews from from infesting your neighborhood and home by knowing the origin of your firewood and whether or not it was treated. By purchasing AFPDA Certified Firewood you can be confident that your firewood was produced and handled in a manner consistent with the labeling, regardless of its origin.

Building a Fire in a Fireplace

Check out this great video series on how to start a fire in your fireplace. Each segment of the fire-starting process will start automatically once the prior step is complete. Or, you can pause the video and read our instructions below.

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